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Global Board Member

of DLA Piper

CEO Asia Pacific, SSP

Former Chair of British Chamber of Commerce in China


Goldman Sachs


China Development Foundation ("CDF") is committed to improving the lives of children in rural China by training teachers from the less developed western provinces.


Work started in 2009, when founder/board member, Wang Liwei made a trip to three western provinces and returned to present his findings to a group of businesspeople in Beijing.


From that time onwards Wang Liwei and Clare Pearson have run programs for rural teachers and youth to engage in cultural exchange at one week residential courses at different international schools in Beijing.  Wuxun Education Foundation partner with CDF to manage project delivery.


As the regularity of the exchanges has grown, China Development Foundation has recently been established to expand and scale the programs.  All previous programs were run on the basis of personal donations from host schools, BMW Foundation, high net worth individuals, Wuxun Education Foundation and Charitarian.

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