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Lanzhou University Debate Competition

From 15-17 October 2016 Wang Liwei and Clare Pearson organised a debate competition at Lanzhou University and Careers Event with Alan White from NCUK (represents 17 UK universities) and Guan Xin from CCTV Global Business. 100's of students took place in the initial rounds of the competition which were undertaken over the preceding months. The final took about six hours and the standard of presentation was extremely high. Some were impromptu debates and others were presentations in Chinese and English on topics about which the students were passionate e.g. pollution control, sports or international relations. The event was a huge success and the following day we met with the University career staff and imminent graduates to discuss jobs in different sectors and cities around China. Careers and debating are new topics in many of Chinese universities so we are planning a repeat event at the nearby Dunhuang university campus in western China this year.

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