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CEO CDF, PRC Advisor on Charity, CEO of Charitarian Media Group

Wang Liwei advises the Chinese Government on issues relating to non-profit work and in this capacity sits on the board of The Ministry of Commerce, the All China Industry and Commerce Federation and SASAC (State Owned Enterprise Chamber of Commerce).  Founder of the Charitarian magazine, Wang actively influences, inspires, supports and challenges Government agendas in the fields of Education, Health and Universal Values. Wang is also an advisor at Tsinghua University CSR Centre Beijing. In recognition for his work in establishing charitable vocational schools in Shandong, Wang was made the honouree vice-mayor for education in the province.

This involves frequent media appearances in China and the UK regarding bilateral trade.  For many years, he has been a strong supporter of social responsibility projects as a core component of Sino-British Government relations.  

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