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China Development Foundation

The key social issue in China today is the opportunity gap between rural and urban children. CDF focuses specifically on the quality of education provided in the Western provinces of China.  CDF provides tailor-made programs to provide local schools with better teachers, more modern equipment and an enhanced learning environment.


Based in Beijing, CDF has cultivated a network of government contacts across all provinces provided by our Chinese Executive Director, Wang Liwei. His understanding of the local landscape is complemented by the work of a cosmopolitan team who have been partnering with him in the delivery of educational projects since 2009.


CDF provides three programs:


1) Week-long residential training courses in modern teaching methods for rural

teachers at internationals schools in Beijing;


2) Career training courses for up to 20 rural teenagers per session in Shanghai and

Beijing; and


3) Provision of computers, sports equipment and other educational resources for

rural schools.


For a non-profit with foreign donors, CDF has a unique degree of access to state schools in China because of its strong government relations. CDF is able to balance donor expectations of transparency and Government requirements of confidentiality because of the strong working relationship nurtured between diverse staff members over the years.  Managed by a multicultural board, CDF accounts are independently audited. We often receive volunteers from sponsors and regularly report ongoing impact assessments. Whilst in the process of registering as a non-profit in Hong Kong, CDF is able to have unprecedented access to the remote parts of China.

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